All India Scrap takes pride in customer service.

All India Scrap is a startup whose only ambition is to serve our nation folks with a GO Green Environment. Our organization is an absolute blend of two words Junk & art, Junk goes for scrap you will sell online to keep your homeland clean and art is the technology friendly creative touch we give to erode away scrap from your home in exchange of some valuable cash which can be accessed through any devices or gadgets resourced with our mobility & web solutions.

All India Scrap landed its feet in online Scrap market to resolve all the loopholes related to Buy & Sell of waste from the customers online. We made a wider impact in our flourishing waste management industry by collaborating with all the vendors to form a profitable chain management with a hassle free online pick up pre-arrangement for our customers through a dedicated Mobile Application & a vendor purposed mobility solution to crack down nerve free communication between customers and vendors where our team monitors all the web process for a smooth functioning. Exchange of scrap with reference to our well-defined rate card (based on up & down market) for distress free giving away of cash or the accounted amount.